About RedArts

RedArts is the major representative body for arts in Redland City, QLD, Australia. It is a Local Arts Council.
RedArts is run by a committee of volunteers.

Mission Statement: 

REDARTS` purpose is to be a progressive and recognised leader and voice representing quality arts throughout the Redlands.


  • Arts Leadership: We provide leadership for the Redland Arts Community through mentorship, promotion, collaboration and support.
  • Integrity: We operate ethically with a strong commitment to achieving our purpose.
  • Excellence: We create pathways for professional development by providing an inclusive learning environment to encourage excellence in arts practise.


  • Strengthen REDARTS capacity to provide leadership for the Redlands Arts Community through mentorship, promotion, collaboration and support.
  • Develop opportunities for Redlands residents to hear, see and participate in quality arts experiences.
  • Act as a central point of contact, support and connection for the Redlands arts community and beyond.
  • Foster learning and excellence in artistic practise.
  • Promote Redlands Art and Culture.

RedArts Membership

You will receive a newsletter confirmation email from RedArts. If you have not received it in about 10 minutes, please check your junk mail and if there, mark the email as NOT SPAM. If you are using Gmail, please also check the Promotions tab and if there, click on the email and drag it to Primary tab.

RedArts Committee

  • Andrea Smith
  • Karen Henderson
  • Lecil Babano
  • Sylvain Minier
  • Alison Green

Current Projects

  • Art By The Boardwalk
  • Mentoring Cicada Film Festival
  • Prodigy Project
  • Marketing support The Business of Being Creative
  • Mentoring and advice to musicians and events
  • Mentoring and advice to treasurers of Redland based arts NFP organisations

RedArts History

RedArts (Redlands Arts Council) was established in November 1991 as a branch of the Queensland Arts Council (then Artslink Queensland) becoming incorporated in 1995. (Artslink closed in 2016, with Local Arts Councils currently managed by Arts QLD).

The organisation is run by a volunteer management board elected by the membership at the Annual General Meeting held in February each year. RedArts is not affilated with Redland City Council, however it has received support for some projects from Council.

We are one of a number local arts councils (LAC’s) supporting community arts across Queensland. RedArts supports and promotes the arts and cultural activities in the Redland City for the benefit of the whole community.  It works to enhance the social and economic development of the district, and nurtures the rapidly growing arts community by providing opportunities of exposure for performing and visual artists. RedArts assists individuals and organisations in collaborating and facilitating arts projects. It arranges workshops, exhibitions, performances and cultural events including festivals. These have included

  • the BA-LONN Community Arts Festival,
  • the popular “Classics Close Up” concert series from 2005,
  • the RAC Jazz Tent, gallery and artist workshops at the Redland Redfest Spring Festival,
  • many exhibitions, workshops, and the ten year project for Senior Citizens Week, a Seniors Photographic Tribute Exhibition

In 2013 RedArts presented the Ignite Redlands Light Arts Festival as part of Artslink’s State wide Animating Spaces project. 2014 saw the establishment of the first Redlands Ukulele Festivals held in June each year. The Redland City Council Mayor and RAC have collaborated for many years in presenting firstly the “Lady Mayoress Charity Ball” (7yrs); the “Redlands Spectacular” (6yrs); and until 2012 “Redlands on Stage” which showcased  professional, local and emerging artists, and supported the work of RedArts and the Redland Eisteddfod.

Auspicing individual artists and groups and assisting with their arts grant applications is also another aspect of RedArt’s work.

RedArts has also focused on providing opportunities for youth in the Arts; musicians, dancers, painters, poets, writers and photographers. Young emerging artists have been assisted with their studies within Australia and overseas through our Young Emerging Artist Grant Fund which has been particularly gratifying for the RedArts board.