A 10 lesson course in creative business.

Formalised mentored training in producing feasibility studies, business and marketing plans, WHS and risk management plans for their emerging businesses in 10 weeks of mentoring, advice, and hands on activities.


24 regular (fortnightly) facilitated networking events that will allow business owners to benefit from accountability to the mentor and gain information and support from the other business owners. These sessions will be held at different times, days of the week and locations to allow working and island participants to attend. They will be help in coffee shops around the Redlands, providing value to local businesses, with participants asked to purchase refreshments as part of their commitment to the project.

Are you:

  • Keen to build a business using your creative skills?
  • Frustrated because you are not getting enough customers?
  • Puzzled as to who your customers are?
  • Not sure how to price your work?
  • Wasting money marketing your business but still not getting sales?

Creative Business Booster can help.

The Creative Business Booster will help start-ups, small business owners, managers and entrepreneurs who experience confidence issues, procrastination and frustration in their business journey. It will give you hands on tools that will help you see you build a better picture of your business.

If you are lacking knowledge on the important issues that will change your creative holy into a business, where to seek training or development resources, suffer a lack of a support base and the depth of knowledge needed to focus on and view your creative art, craft and culture as a business – the CREATIVE BUSINESS BOOSTER is for you.


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